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Phat Dipping: Swim in Clothes for Fun

Skinny Dipping = Swimming naked.
Phat Dipping = Swimming with all your clothes on.
Dress up and dive in, that's Phat Dipping!

See some videos.

Phat dipping is the opposite of skinny dipping, the action of jumping into a body of water without removing any clothing items. It comes under a general heading of Wet and Messy (WAM), but wetlook has never really had a specific label before.

There’s a new revival of an old established trend going on, and it was started mainly through Youtube. ‘Phat dipping’ is the name given to what is best defined as the opposite of skinny-dipping, namely, going for a swim or deliberately getting wet while still fully clothed.

It was made popular by internetainers RHETT & LINK's rap music video, named after the outrageous activity. Though the song is quite tongue in cheek, (including input from a President Barack Obama look-a-like) it seems to tie in to a misleading puritanical notion that more flesh being covered is somehow less promiscuous than being naked or semi-naked while in or near to open water (swimming pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc).

The spread of phat-dipping activity was a carefully created and clever marketing exercise. In making the video, the singers called in several friends (chosen carefully for having a strong influence through their blogs and Youtube pages).

They are all seen jumping and splashing around in a swimming pool fully dressed. On Youtube, where the video is very popular, the performers invited people to make their own phat-dipping videos, and offered a cash prize for the best examples. Oddly, there are many people online talking about the experience of phatting without actually being seen getting wet while talking about it.

The availability of good water-proof cameras may be an incentive, but many public pools will not let bathers go in without conventional swim suits (the half-way house between phat and skinny dipping).

Phat-dippers are a welcoming, harmless bunch on the Wet and Messy (WAM) circuit, There are many people online who like to see people (of all genders) in wet clothes, and who like to get their own apparel wet, privately and/or in public.

The song even offers advice, like making sure valuables, money, electronic goods, etc are kept dry and safe. Many joining in a phat-dipping party may, later regret not having dry clothes to change into for going home in. Such lessons are well known to wetlook fans throughout the world.

Phat Dipping Videos

This video about phat dipping started it all:

"Underwater with my clothes on feels so right it can't be wrong!"

Remake Video

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