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Forum for Fun in Wet Clothes

Welcome to Wacky Wet World

You've found the premier forum about swimming in clothes and dripping fun to get you soaking wet.

Have you tried this? Swimming in clothes is huge fun and a growing trend sport among smart and sophisticated people.

It makes you stronger, protects your skin from sunburn and jellyfish, and wins you new friends. The thrill of getting wet in clothes is just amazing and real fun with friends or in a sports team.

Wacky Wet Forums

Beach Club

Beach Club
General forum about fun in wet clothes.

Mud Pit

red poncho in rain
If you're into soft wet mud, this forum is for you.

Rainy Sports

Advice about wet clothes
Wet fun in sportswear, anoraks, and ponchos.



rainwear and wet sports clothes
Got a wet problem? Visit our advice section.

Wet Editorial Link

Big website all about wet sports
Aquamania carries all our editorial with lots of ideas for wet fun and water clothing.

Future Outlook

jeans and hoodie in swimming pool
This website changes all the time. Let us know what you want to see here in the future.

Over 20 Years Fun in Wet Clothes !

In July 1997 Wacky Wet World was launched onto the unsuspecting World Wide Web as a satirical website about proposed Internet censorship. Pornographic websites had to display a big warning sign on their front page to stop people unwittingly seeing something they shouldn't.

Being law abiding webmasters we put a sign up to warn visitors of the photos on this site. The search engines went completely ape about the keywords in this message.

This warning sign pushed us high up in the search engine rankings and we soon saw over 100,000 unique visitors a month. Amazing! It was a deluge. We didn't expect that. Read more.

Our material is 100% clean and suitable for all ages!
All subjects are fully clothed at all times,
wearing various types of clothes in the water.