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My Favorite Swimming Clothes

by Felix

Often I get asked what my favourite swimwear is. As you've guessed I enjoy swimming in clothes a lot and like to vary my swim kit as much as possible. It's great fun and keeps the game interesting.

What I wear depends of course on where I go swimming, like the sea, lakes or indoor pools, or if I just relax at home in my bathtub. Another factor is what water sports I enjoy at the time. Different wet activities require different clothes to get wet.

Here is a quick run down of my favourite swimming clothes, worn by friends and wet models. Enjoy!

Hooded Jogging Suit

For fitness training I run and swim in a comfy jogging suit. This outfit is great for getting the pulse going in the morning as it is easy to put on when you're still half asleep, but it is hard to swim in. Beach running gets tougher the more your clothes get wet. Tees, hoodies, and jeans make a tough workout kit when wet. Hoods keep you warm.



Hoodies and Jeans

Most of the time I wear these clothes, including for swimming. In summer or hot climates this avoids sunburn. When I get too hot I get these clothes wet and I'm cool. Wading in is exciting fun when the water slowly soaks jeans and hoodie. I keep my hands in the pockets and watch how they fill up with water when I go in deep enough. Then I put up the hood and duck under. Awesome feeling.

hoodie hoodie

Running Kit

Running kit is light weight and feels good both wet or dry. It is very easy to swim in. The tights and sports shirt cause only a little resitance. On cooler days I often wear a jacket or anorak on top. The best running trails have resfreshing water crossings that involve swimming.

dry running clothes
Still dry, but not for long.
wet anorak

Anoraks and Cagoules

Waterproof clothes are really practical for beach fun. Canoeing cags and rain pants over fleece tops and leggings keep me and my friends warm on the beach and in the water. Anoraks are very useful for pool training.

hiking cagoule long garden
Long cagoule tied up at waist
wet hiking cagoule long lake
Long cagoule full down to knees
wet hiking cagoule for swimming
Wet cagoule after swimming

anoraks for beach fun
Anorak in swimming pool
red anorak in pool
Pool training in clothes
lifeguard anorak cagoule
Lifeguard pool training clothes

Ponchos and Hiking Capes

Ponchos and hiking capes are my favourite clothes for a relaxing bath. They dry fast and can be worm for other purposes like rain hiking. If you're into baggy clothes, it doesn't get any better than this. Are you man enough to pull this off?

wet poncho for swimming
wet poncho for swimming

A quick drying hiking cape worn on its own, or over other clothes, is one my most versatile swimmimg outfits. It doubles up as sun protection, warm-up shelter or changing room.

wet poncho for swimming
wet poncho on the beach
Cycling cape for sun and rain
wet poncho for swimming

Water Meditation Cape

My water meditation cape always brings a sensual good time in the bath tub. Made from very soft nylon, it caresses me in the soapy water, which brings me quickly into the here and now. Once I put the hood up I'm ready for blissful immersion. I pull my arms inside and lay back into the warm water. This is one of the most beautiful experiences in wet clothes.

wet poncho for swimming
wet poncho on the beach

Lycra Swimwear

Lycra clothes are very easy to swim in and feel good in the water. One piece full body swimsuits, swim tights and swim shirts are my fallback option when a pool doesn't let me swim in other clothes. Often I wear an anorak on top.

Lycra swim shirt and jeans

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