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Frequently Asked Questions

So you've found our "secret" wetsite and wonder if this new trend sport is for you. We've started this guide as a service for new readers to give you some wet answers for your dripping questions. If you can't find an answer here or if you can think of more questions and answers, please email us. Scroll down this page for more info.

Why swim in clothes?

Clothes are meant to keep us warm. So where is the logic in taking them off when you enter a somewhat colder environment, like water? Keep your kit on and enjoy the water for longer.

Swimming in clothes is a powerful resistance training. You can adjust the training level by adding or removing extra layers of clothing.

Stings from beasties in the sea, pneumonia, or skin cancer from sunburn can kill or leave permanent damage. Your clothes will dry off in a short while. Give that some thought.

Am I the only one into this?

No, definitely not. Many people enjoy this. Swimming in clothes or getting wet or muddy in clothing is enjoyed by millions people from almost every culture all over the world. Their reasons range from the modest to the sensual, for personal amusement or for the purpose of health and well-being.

This site gets over 100,000 unique monthly visitors. That includes only those who have Internet access and have found this site. There are lots more.

In America this is just becoming a new trend sport. In Europe it's more popular and people are getting organised, book pools, go together on holidays or plan other wet events.

In Thailand most people swim fully clothed, mainly out of modesty and also because they don't want to get sun-burned or a dark tan. Many put on extra clothes just for fun.

What clothes shall I wear in the water?

Begin with lightweight clothes. Start with an unlined poncho or anorak over T-shirt and shorts or rain pants. This is easy to wear when wet and feels fantastic.

T-shirt and jeans make a robust swimsuit which is popular because it feels so good. Socks and sports shoes go well with that. Our Clothing Guide has some dripping ideas.

How do I start?

If you haven't worn any clothes in the water before it might be best if you try it first at home. Go into your bathroom and take a shower or bath in comfortable clothes like you're wearing right now. See how it feels.

Feels good? Alright! Then this wetsite is for you.

Now try different clothing. Go through many outfits. See what feels best on your skin when the clothes get soaking wet. Always dry off completely before you put on the next dry clothes to get wet.

How do I get fit?

Wear your clothes in a swimming pool. Depending on your swimming ability, start with light clothing and carefully enter the pool.

Feel the water seeping into your clothes as you slowly immerse yourself. Don't go out of your depth. Just lower yourself into the water and enjoy the feeling.

When you get more confident, put on more clothing and see what happens. Swim a few lengths, climb out, feel the weight of the wet clothes, and jump in again.

We recommend that do weekly swim training fully clothed to get a good fitness result. Put a lifesaving or survival swimming team together who enjoy swimming in clothes, as this will keep you more motivated.

What will people think when they see me in soaking wet clothes?

Not much. They barely think at all. Most are too worried what you think about them. It all depends on your attitude. If you walk as confident when wet as you do when dry, then people will respect you. We've found that people treat you just normal when you act normal.

When you start wearing your clothes in the water, others will follow. They want to do what you enjoy, especially when they don't have their swim wear.

What shall I say when people ask me why I swim in clothes?

Occasionally you'll get questions, mostly from kids and teens. They are curious because they may want to get wet themselves some day. Just educate them:

"I stay warm and healthy. No sunburn problems."

Say you're don't like sunburn, or you have a sensitive skin condition that does not react well to direct sunlight. Your mum is probably concerned about that sort of thing so it gives you a good excuse to swim in clothes.

Say you just feel more comfortable in jeans than shorts, or say you forgot to take your swimsuit. Have a rainsuit handy and swim in that.

Just do it and say: "Oops !" Intrepid swimmers and divers don't need any excuses, nor do they offer any explanations.

"Why not? It's fantastic fun and a great training exercise. Why not you? Jump in and join us !"

How can I meet others?

Engage in sports that get you soaking wet like canoeing, lifesaving, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, etc.

Join a sports team where they get wet fully clothed. Choose a sport and then find a suitable team near you.

Join the Scouts. They often get soaking wet, especially the Sea Scouts and Venture Scouts. Their motto: "If you're not wet, you're not having fun."

Practise for an endurance swim. Lifeguards do this too.

Swim in your clothes where people can see you and you can meet other wet friends.

Attend foam parties and pool parties.

Take advantage of getting caught in the rain, then have a shower.

Learn how to be "accident prone" near water. Go ahead, be clumsy. :o)

Above all: HAVE FUN!

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