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Ry's Wet Adventures

Ry is one of our young enthusiastic readers who writes about wet fun in a refreshing style.

Occasionally he gets into trouble for doing what he enjoys, like swimming in his clothes, or getting others soaking wet. Then he shares his dripping adventures and wet mischief in our forum.

It takes a while to translate his stories from a colourful Teen Speak into English, and slightly edit them for better comprehension by swimmers over 25 years old.

While he often gets told off, we salute his courage. Clearly a sign of intelligence.


His first big story is about dentention in school. He had to clean the whole pool area with the help of his friend Ross. What could possibly go wrong?


Another story full of soaking mayhem like only Ry and his friends can stir up. Read about a lifesaving session full of wet and wild pranks and chaos.

About my cousin Ryan

So, I need to tell you about a ‘small’ development. Those of you who see my Instagram will know that my younger Cousin has started in my school. Which is cool and he is worse than me and follows me around!

You may have already seen him in the sea in his clothes before we even got to the amusements.

The thing you don’t know is that he also has exactly the same name in full as me. He is called Ryan and he is my Dad’s Brother’s Son! This could get complicated.

We have our own nickname for him but Felix might get annoyed, so we will call him Ryan and I’m just Ry.

My PE Kit

My games and PE kit consists of all polyester stuff. Red trackie pants, slim around legs. Black poly shorts, white poly T shirt and red poly trackie top.

The games sox for like footie and rugby are long knee length black poly too with logo. We should wear plain white sox for PE, but most just keep their normal white sox on and roll them down so that logos can't b seen! Most of us also keep just our white skwl sox on for games on the field too, which usualy means they get wet & muddy. We don't care coz games is always the last 2 lessons of a day and that also changes weekly. Sometimes kids turn up for skwl without realising it's a games day!

This sports clothing was introduced last year. Most kids have it, but some can't afford all of it coz it is expensive. For instance some just wear plain tees with black shorts or plain black trackies. I have sometimes worn just plain black (even the logo) nike squad trackies, which look sick when soaked and muddy, shining and clinging to my legs!

Everything we wear for sports shines when soaked from playing on the field in the rain or from jumping in the pool for lifesaving. It also clings a lot, showing who's REALLY enjoying it :)

Following on from week 2 lifesaving, Mr. Swim has said to everyone that they must bring their PE kit to the lesson! But he doesn't mind if they don't change first and go in wearing regular clothes, as long as they change into PE kit to go home DRY!

The skwl rules say WE are always representing the skwl and our appearance must demonstrate that! So, we must either wear full school clothes or full PE kit travelling home! Personally I don't see the difference if it's soaked or not. We could have been caught in a rain storm or an exploading water bottle fight. :-)

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