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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?

  1. Read all the info in this section.
  2. Have a good look around this website.
  3. Take some practice snapshots, preferably in wet clothes.
  4. Fill out the Application Form.
  5. Email your photos to us. We'll send you the email address for that.

Your application cannot be processed without photos. We will contact you should your application be successful. Then get professional photos that we can use to show clients in order to get you work.

Who can be a model?

In reality, anyone over 18 years old can potentially become a model, as there are limitless categories of model styles and requirements, from staightforward fashion to adult fetish photography. You do not have to be conventionally pretty, but you have to be realistic about work opportunities.

What are the photos used for?

Catalogue Modelling

These models are hired to appear in catalogues or websites and sell everyday products to average people. Requirements are flexible. This type of modelling can be divided into two sections: fashion advertising and product advertising. Example: Aquamania

Editorial Modelling

This refers to photography for magazines and websites, including covers. This work is very eagerly sought after by models because of the exposure it provides. You'll get a CD for your portfolio that will help you get work. Example: Survival Swimmers

What is the right attitude?

As you may have noticed we specialise in Wetlook photography and it would be good if you're comfortable and happy in wet clothes. It is most important that you enjoy a photo session, as it will show on the pictures. Try to have fun. Think of it as an adventure.

You will photograph well if you are playful, relaxed and open to sharing yourself with the camera. Think of the camera as a sexy friend you would like to make love to and your pictures come out consistently well.

If you want to practice posing, practice making a sincere relaxed smile into a mirror. Your face and your willingness to open yourself to the camera will make the best pictures.

What is the qualification of being a model?

A dedicated and easygoing personality. Some training and some experience. Young and good looks in general. But, it varies.  These are the attributes our clients are looking for in a suitable model:

* Good physical shape.
* A toned and well proportioned body, swimmer's build perhaps.
* Ability to swim in clothes and enjoy wet photo sessions.
* Clear skin, straight teeth, healthy hair, no beards.
* Youthful - Energetic - Fun !
* No hang-ups.
* Age 18 - 30.
* All limits are respected by us.

You are not expected to look like a movie star, or to have a muscular, athletic body. People want to see other ordinary people like themselves.

Don't be put off if you are tall or small in height, just have attractive or cute looks. What matters is a cheeky attitude and an open mind. Any limits you may have are respected, just let us know in advance.

If you are very thin, that will be an asset in the photographs. People tend to look 10 or 15 pounds heavier in photographs. Don't stay up late the night before your photo session, so you will look your freshest.

At the same time, a model has to have the following attributes:

A model goes after his goals. You won't become a model by sitting at home and waiting for agents to come to you!

To succeed, a model must be an intelligent business person. He must know how to spend and invest money wisely. Also, he must know how to conduct business with agents, photographers and clients.

Clients are looking for someone who is self-assured and who they think can sell their product. A model must be able to sell himself before he can sell a product. It is also important to be able to handle the rejection that every model must face. No model could meet the expectations of every possible client.

Because models must sometimes travel away from their friends and family for a job, or move to a big city to pursue a full time career, it is important to have a great deal of independence.

A model must be organised in order to keep track of the different dates, times and locations of appointments so that he can show up at appointments and go-sees on time.

A model is sometimes on his feet all day. He must be healthy and in shape to be able to work all day and still look good.

Do I need experience to begin working?

To begin working consistently in any industry, one would expect that you know what you are doing. However, in modelling you can begin to book certain jobs right away. Be flexible and investigate any opportunities. It is best to know yourself and get the right training necessary.

How do I learn about posing for the camera?

Copy the poses in the magazines and watch models in fashion shows. Practice fluid movements and have a routine to work with. Move swiftly and work on being comfortable with your body and your movements. Practice swimming in clothes often. It's great fun!

Gather as much information as you can, speak with experienced models, talk with reputable agents, read books and magazines, and practice, practice, practice! It's fun.

Do I need to bring any clothing?

The client or photographer will provide most clothing. It helps if you bring along any clothes you like to wear for the photo session, they may fit you better than what we have.

As you're going for a wetlook session, please remember that you need to keep a set of dry clothes for your way home.

What about portfolios and compcards?

Every model in the world has a comp card. A comp card is just a nice printed paper which has the model's photos and basic measurement information plus contact information. It's like a company brochure and necessary to have, if you are serious about your modelling profession.

We can provide you with a free portfolio and web comp card on our site which you can print off at home whenever you need one. We will create a portfolio for you on this site free of charge once you have signed the model release.

You will need a substantial portfolio of photos for clients to choose from. It may take several photo sessions and occasional updates. The bigger your portfolio, the better your chances. The best photos will be shown on this site. You can download all your photos from a private directory.

How do I find a good photographer?

You definitely need professional shots to start working. But take it slowly and only go by referrals from reputable agencies or other working models. You don't just pick a photographer, you have to find the best one for your type. This means that you may need a different set of photos to represent yourself if you are a commercial type, than if you were a high fashion type.

Evaluate all your referrals, and remember that no one can choose a photographer over the phone. You may even have a friend or relative that can begin to work with you for practice. Don't rush out spending money. Ask us for a free photo session.

Can I model part-time, I have a regular job 9-5?

There are possibilities depending on where you live. Modelling part-time works best if you are working with commercial printwork or internet media.

What is a go-see?

A go-see is when you go and see a client to show yourself and your work for upcoming modelling bookings. You would bring your portfolio, have a photo or comp card to leave behind, and dress the part.

Can an agency guarantee me work?

No, an agency cannot guarantee anything! They are only introducing you to the most appropriate interviews; YOU are the only one who can actually get the work. It may be a reflection of a poor agency if this is one of their promises.

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