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Your First Wet Photo Shoot

The purpose of an initial photo shoot is to see how you come out on camera and how well you can move in wet clothes. In a relaxed fun session we take initial photos for your free portfolio, while you have a chance to try a variety of clothing styles in the water.

Where possible we'll provide a photographer. Subject to the weather we either use an indoor pool or go outdoors.


Above all, you want to bring a happy and positive attitude. The photos will be much better when you're having a lot of fun. Bring a friend along, if you can. Photos come out better if you can interact with someone. Your friend should bring a few sets of clothes as well.

Your Photos on a USB stick

We use digital cameras. So if you can wait a moment after the photo shoot, you can take home the unedited photos. The copyright remains with us.


Our client or photographer will provide most clothing. It helps if you bring along any clothes you like to wear for the photo session, they may fit you better than what we have.

Choose solid-coloured clothing. Use plain bright colours like white, yellow, or red. White goes a bit transparent when wet, black clothes create glistening reflections in the sun which can be quite attractive. Avoid strong patterns because they distract from you, which is the most important focus in the photo.

Session Sequence

Be prepared to change into different kit a few times. There will be plenty of warm-up breaks for refreshments. You'll dry off and change into dry clothes, which will get wet in the next part.


We aim to get a good variety of photos of your, wearing different outfits and how you gradually get them wet.

  • Swim or surf gear (Lycra tops or suits, shorts, wetsuits, etc.)
  • One or more good fitting pair of jeans and white T-shirts.
  • T-shirt or polo shirt, hooded tops, pullovers, etc.
  • Sportswear of any kind.
  • Unlined rainwear, outdoor clothing or ponchos.
    Anoraks with short or no zips are best.
  • Any special hat, uniform, toy or any special prop if you like.

As you're going to a wetlook session, please remember that you need to keep a dry change of clothes for your way home and a bag to carry any wet clothes.


If you are new to swimming in clothes, our photographer can give you a few tips and show you how until you are confident. He is often in the water with you, especially during the underwater shots, and thus knows how to swim in clothes.

Lycra Swimsuits

We usually start with the Lycra swimwear. It is difficult to put Lycra clothes on when you're wet. So you want to put it on while you're still dry before the session. Lycra is a feel-good fabric and very easy to swim in. Sometimes you'll wear extra clothes on top.

T-shirt and Jeans

Next we do the jeans and white T-shirt photos. Most models enjoy this outfit a lot as it makes them look really attractive. We try to do that with all our models. It helps clients to better compare. You can add a hoodie, sweatshirt or anorak to it for extra variety

Sportswear and More

Finally, we do a shoot in any specialist gear (sportswear, rainwear, ponchos, outdoor clothes) or whatever current clients are looking for. We usually bring a big bag of kit.

This part is often the most fun. You can mix and match different clothes for interesting effects. We take several breaks where you change into dry clothes, only to jump into the water again and get another outfit soaking wet.

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