Teenagers get hosed down

by Ronan from Ireland

After I had hosed down the pool area, I sat on the pool edge and watched Misha doing his swim training. His dark nylon anorak glistened in the sunlight with every swim stroke. Maybe we should offer regular swim training like that, I pondered. When he came out, he asked to be hosed down because the maintenance guys had turned the showers off.

"Wow, that was cool!" said one of the teenagers who just arrived at the pool. "Can you hose us too?"

"No problem," I replied and gave them a good soaking in their jogging suits before they jumped into the pool.

"Are you allowed to go into the water in your uniform?" one of the teenagers asked.

"Yes. Why?"

"Show us how to do the front crawl properly."

"You just want me to get my hoodie wet, right?" I asked with a grin.

"Yes, that too. But swimming in jogging suits is hard if you don't know how. Please show us how you swim in your hoodie."

"OK, as you wish," I said and went into the pool. After all, it was my job to assist pool guests when they asked for it.

I put my hood up, tied the strings for a good fit, and explained that the hood picks up a lot of water when it is down. They all did the same and submerged under water to make sure the hoods fit well.

I showed them how to do the front crawl. After a while of practice they got the hang of it and did many lengths just to get fit. Finally they came out, got hosed down again, and went back to their room, leaving a trail of water behind them.

It got quiet after the teens left. I kept my wet clothes on for the rest of my shift as the air was very hot. When Luke took over the pool shift, I went to the outdoor restaurant, still in my wet clothes.