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Re: Fun at the Mud Run

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Posted by mega on August 20, 2021 at 02:41:23

In Reply to: Re: Fun at the Mud Run posted by Wetnboy on August 08, 2021 at 22:59:27:

I did the tough mudder a couple months back. Most of the mud spots were more like dirty water, or muddy gravel. I did enjoy their obstacles though. There was a stretch that had some good mud, but it was only ankle deep. My friend and I did throw a couple handfuls at each other. There was some people that got really covered in mud, not sure if they just rolled around in that spot or if there was more mud on the 10 mile course (we did the 5k, the two paths merge and divert at different points).

As far as getting muddy, I like the Mud Factor 5k I did a couple years ago. That one the first obstacle was a knee deep mud pit with great consistency. On the second lap (needed to do 2 laps here to get the full 5k), me and my friend dove and swam in the big mud pit. We weren't brave enough to dunk our heads, but shoulders down we were covered in mud, inside and out. Next year I'd like to do the mud factor if they have it again in my state, but I'd also do the tough mudder again, as they had more variety to their obstacles, and the final cargo net you climb is bigger then the one from Mud Factor.

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