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Pool Boy

Posted by Andy in San Diego on 2nd September 2014

My business takes me to many swimming pools nearby in the warm climate where I live. My job is to keep my customer's pools clean, safe and in good condition.

My Workwear

Working in an outdoor job like mine I have to carefully avoid sunburn. I also don't have the time to get changed into swimwear at each customer's pool. My clothes must be clean and made of a material that doesn't fluff up the pool filters.

For my work in and around the pool I wear quick drying, loose fitting clothes like a short sleeve swim shirt, a breathable anorak, and matching pants of the same soft Nylon material. This is the most comfortable outfit for my work in the sun and water.

pool boy with anorak in pool
pool boy with anorak in pool

First Checks

When I arrive, I check the filters, pumps and other gear, followed by a check of the diving boards, make sure they are safe and clean. I bounce a few times, then I put up the hood of my anorak and dive into the pool for my next cleaning task.

Pool Cleaning

Wind, birds and people often drop a few small things into the pool. My task is to dive down and pick them all up.

Then I get the suction cleaner out which looks like a big vacuum cleaner and sweep the pool floor from the poolside. This takes a while, so my clothes dry out quickly in the warm weather.

Brushing the Edge

Next I get out a brush and a pot with bicarbonate soda to clean the scum line round the pool. This is best done from within the pool and so I get wet again.

Final Shower

When done, I take a shower to rinse my clothes from all the chlorine using a mild shampoo to completely lather up from top to bottom. This makes my clothes last longer as the chlorine can damage them.

While I ride my bicycle to visit my next customer my clothes dry out quickly, looking clean and proper when I arrive for my next appointment, ready to go into the water again.

pool boy with anorak in pool
pool boy with anorak in pool

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