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Re: Baseball Fun

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Posted by Robert on July 30, 2022 at 00:22:01

In Reply to: Baseball Fun posted by Robert on July 28, 2022 at 00:55:28:

So a bit about the "incident" that caused Robbie to be grounded. He went out with Sam and Mickey, along with his own friend Derrick, and they went into the Big City nearby by bus (they were actually meeting Mickey there). I know they were intending on getting wet somehow, but I wasn't sure how. I was a bit worried because my wife had the car and was going out herself while I would be home without the car to cut the grass, etc.

Sam came home around 6 PM (he was "hungry" he said, but was also pretty wet). He definitely didn't look soaking wet, but he was wet and if you felt his shirt, it was definitely wet. He was wearing a white sleeveless shirt with his school's logo on the front and a bunch of the names of his classmates on the back, black athletic shorts, and black AF1's.

"I stood almost the whole way back as I didn't want to get the seats wet," said Sam when I asked him how he got home all wet like that.

"All the way?" I asked.

"Yeah. Driver was chill about it all, though. Said he didn't mind if I sat on the floor. I did for a bit but not for long because I was kinda in the way," said Sam.

Some old lady had apparently gotten on and was telling Sam to get off at the next stop and "get some dry clothes on or you'll catch pneumonia."

Ha ha, it was hotter than heck out so it was actually quite refreshing - especially with the AC on the bus. Sam didn't really like the attention and decided to go all the way to the back and sit on the floor.

The lady even came all the way to the back and grabbed $100 out of her purse and handed it to Sam "to get some dry clothes in ."

"No thanks, ma'am, I'm fine, honestly. I'm going home already," said Sam.

Anyway, she did call someone but don't know who (cops wouldn't have done anything) and then shut up, so maybe it was the cops and they told her off.

After he'd been home for a couple hours, we both wondered where Robbie was. "How long was he staying?" I asked Sam.

"F*** of I know," said Sam, language to which I wasn't terribly amused, but ignored.

After repeated unanswered calls to Robbie's cell, I ended up phoning Derrick's Mom. She hadn't heard from Derrick yet either. My wife wasn't home yet, so I basically said that as soon as she gets home we're gonna go into the Big City and find out what's going on. Well, I didn't have to wait that long until I found out what happened...

Around 9:30 PM, in walks a damp-wet Robbie - who reeked to high heaven of cigarettes.

"Robbie!?" I said.

"Hi Dad," he said.

"Why do you stink like cigarettes?" I asked.

"Derrick was smoking," said Robbie.

"You must've been too - you smell too much like smoke, especially for having wet clothes on," I said.

Well, he eventually spit out that he and Derrick had been in a back alley somewhere making a video that Derrick intended to post online of them "reviewing" cigarettes. They had to test a bunch of them, deep inhale them, blow out the smoke in tricks, hold the smoke in as long as they could - you get the idea. Unacceptable in my household, anyway. So we grounded him. I knew that he'd tried smoking a while back, but I thought he wasn't going to try it again since he almost coughed up a lung, but it seems like the peer pressure got to him again. I ended up finding the video on his phone when I took it, and it was a doozy - he probably inhaled more smoke in that one session that a smoker would inhale in one day :(. Derrick's Dad is a smoker, so it would be easy for him to get away with it. I can smell cigarettes from a mile away, so no luck for Robbie.

As for why I want him to write about one of his wet events, Robbie has always been weak in school at writing and spelling. I've always babied him and "helped" him through it, but now I'm basically making him write it up himself. If he doesn't spell a word right or doesn't write it well, he'll be grounded for longer. It's just one of those things we're trying to do to teach him that what he did was completely wrong, stupid, and not allowable - particularly in a free-range parenting household. We've disconnected Robbie's internet (can do that with our plan) so he has to have fun in more traditional ways - he has chosen to get wet a lot, but we have put some restrictions on that now too so that he doesn't think he can just get in trouble and have that kind of fun.

I found out that Derrick's Mom sent him to live with his grandparents for a while, who are very strict and live in the boondocks (even more middle of nowhere than we do!). That in itself is a punishment - no soaking, no smoking, no video games, etc.

After Robbie finishes his story (he says he's "95% done"), I'll post a couple more about things that happened before this event - including the aforementioned family reunion which was fudging awesome!

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