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Re: Bike Ride

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Posted by wetchas on April 14, 2022 at 08:24:21

In Reply to: Bike Ride posted by Robert on April 14, 2022 at 05:44:55:

Hi Robert.
Good to hear from you again. When everyone else seems very quiet, it was good to find this post.
You really are a great Dad, and a most supportive parent. Fancy being called into the bathroom by a 17 year old, and one in a state of undress as well. I would never have let my parents see me like that, nor would I have asked questions like Robbie does.
For a kick off I would have been in trouble for getting wet. Next, if it was found out that I was telling anything other than the whole truth I would have been in even more trouble. And swearing in front of them? to be honest I doubt I would still be alive!
I suppose its inevitable that he has to tone it down a bit. As you say, in a climate like yours, to have your only winter jacket out of use is a bit problematical. With many things, one is always more enthusistic at the start, but as time goes by a sense of proportion takes over. Not that these interests ever go away, they just diminish slightly as other interests take over.
Good luck with the shopping trip with Sam. That's going to cost you a bit. Hope the credit card can withstand the inevitable onslought.
Cheers for now and thanks again for posting.

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